According to its features, Brass and brass alloys – also known as cartridge brass or yellow brass – is one of the most popular metals due to its durability and looks. For instance, corrosion resistance, good durability, high electrical and heat or thermal conductivity, shiny, decorative appearance. Taking in mind the grade used ( CA230, 260, 353, 360, 370, … )
Therefore, brass metal can be used in a wide range of applications. For example, it’s the best choice for interior designs of luxurious places. And more uses including machining of radiators, electrical equipment, casing, pressure vessels, screws and heat exchangers, piping and tubing, etc.
In particular, we in Jordan Anwar Est. can provide you with a brass sheet or which also called – depends on thickness- brass plate. where you find the best cost-effective with the best quality products.
Since we are a reliable industrial metal supplier, we can meet all your metal workshop services upon request. Such as fabrication, surface milling, final assembly, forming, and welding. And most of the cutting methods Plasma cutting, Laser Cutting, Band saw Router, Punching, Threading and much more. In addition, bar cut from plate and bar cut from a sheet is available.

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