BALLUFF BOS01NN Diffuse sensors BOS 08E-PS-KD20-S49

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Manufacturer: BALLUFF
Type: Diffuse sensors
Model: BOS 08E-PS-KD20-S49
Part No: BOS01NN

Series 08E
Dimension Ø 8 x 40 mm
Interface PNP normally open (NO)
Principle of operation Photoelectric sensor
Principle of optical operation Diffuse sensor, energetic
Beam characteristic Divergent
Light type LED, red light
Light spot size Ø 3.0 mm Light exit
Range 1…60 mm
Connection Connector, M8x1-Male, 3-pin
Housing material Stainless steel
Material sensing surface PMMA
Operating voltage Ub 10…30 VDC

Manufacturer BALLUFF
Model BOS01NN Diffuse sensors BOS 08E-PS-KD20-S49
Condition New


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