DEMAG 084 786 84 Conical Brake Ring

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Manufacturer: DEMAG
Conical Brake Ring
DEMAG Part No:
084 786 84

Used for Motors: 140KB  KBH140 KBA140A4 KBA140A6 KBA140B4 KBA140B6

Applicable Hoists: DH308 DH310 DH312 DH316 DH325 DH410 DH412 DH416 DH420 DH425 DH512 DH516 DH520 DH525 DH532 DH616 DH620 DH625 DH632 DH640 DH1025 DH1032 DH1040 DH1050 DH1063

Manufacturer DEMAG
Model 084 786 84 Conical Brake Ring
Condition New / Used


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