ifm LK1024 Electronic level sensor

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Manufacturer: ifm
Type: Electronic level sensor
Model: LK1024

Number of digital outputs: 2
Factory setting hydrous coolants; water; media similar to water
Probe length L [mm] 728
Special feature Gold-plated contacts
hydrous coolants; oils; oil-based media; water; media similar to water
Dielectric constant of the medium > 2
Cannot be used for
extremely conductive media; adhering media; granulates; bulk material; acids; alkali; Lebensmittel_und_Galvanikbereich
Maximum speed of the change of level [mm/s] 300
Tank pressure [bar] 0.5; (when mounting with mounting accessories: E43001 – E43007, E43019)
Medium temperature [°C] 0…35; (with climatic tube E43102: 35…55 °C)
Medium temperature [°C] 0…70
Medium temperature short time [°C] 0…90; (< 1 h)

Manufacturer IFM
Model LK1024 Electronic level sensor
Condition New


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