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Hexagonal Mild Steel

Mild steel -low carbon steel is a type of carbon steel with a low amount of carbon, mild steel is being produced with  0.05% to 0.25% carbon by weight. because of, carbon and alloying element content are relatively low, it is not alloy steel. Mild steel has various Grades including ST52-3, ST42, and more.

Mild Steel properties

  • machinable and weldable more than other carbon steel types
  • Low tensile strength
  • Well known as a magnetic metal
  • Subject to oxidation if not properly coated but have poor corrosion-resistance
  • High strength

Hexagonal mild steel bar uses

  • Ideal for the manufacture of small turned components that will not be subjected to high-stress levels in service.
  • It is used when good workability is required, on parts requiring threading, drilling, punching, and machining.
  • in engineering tools such as Nut, Bolts, Fasteners
  • It is extensively used for mounting plates, spacers, and fixtures.
  • for pipelines; it allows the pipe to be easily welded into place, and lets the pipeline flex and avoid cracking and breaking under pressure
  • mild steel is a brilliant solution for most structural activities such as mobile equipment, crane, buildings, bridges and more

Jordan Anwar can meet most of the clients’ needs in mild steel st 52 Hex – Hexagon Bar sizes and dimensions, by high quality and cost-effective price products from most reliable metals manufacturers around the world with availability for customized orders.

metal servicesSince we are reliable metals suppliers and stockiest in Jordan & Middle east we can meet all your required services upon request. Such as fabrication, surface milling, final assembly, forming, and welding.

And most cutting methods Plasma cutting, Laser Cutting, Band saw, Router, Punching, Threading, Cut-to-size and much more.



Available in stock

Stainless steel Square solid bar in a wide range of common sizes, with fabrication and forming availability.
Outer size: 
Grades: st 52
if you have any inquiry please do not hesitate to contact us with your demands and requirements.

Our services:

  • On request, we can customize your specific demands.
  • Transport services
  • You can use the metal weight calculator for your reference.
  • Supply and apply services.
  • We are proud to be authorized raw materials and metals resellers in Jordan, the Middle East and worldwide.
  • For more information please contact us.

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