LENZE 33.532-E Speed controllers

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Manufacturer: LENZE
Type: Frequency inverters
Model: 33.8202-E

Output power Pel [W] 360
Mains frequencyf [Hz] 50…60
Mains voltageUL1, N [V] 190…265 (100…132 with solder link)
Armature current (can be changed for 534) IAmax [A]2
Armature voltage for VL1, N = 230 V VA [V]180
Field voltageVF [V]0.9 x UL1,⋅N
Max. field currentI Fmax [A]0.3
Perm. form factorF Fmax1.4
I⋅ R compensation RA [Ω]0…20


Manufacturer LENZE
Model 33.532-E Speed controllers
Condition New


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